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Shiatsu Massage

Japanese shiatsu bodywork is traditionally performed on a futon, but can be done on a massage couch. It is a clothed massage which does not involve oils or lotion with the client wearing loose clothing to enable effective stretching and mobilisation.

The Bodywork is a combination of shiatsu technique and postural adjustment (called Sotai). Sotai is a highly effective system of simple exercises and techniques that are designed to help to realign the body, correct postural imbalances and reduce muscle tension.

Shiatsu technique consists of stretching and compression techniques along with acupressure and deep breathing. Pressure is applied using palms, fingers, forearms and elbows along with other techniques such as rocking, kneading and shaking .The purpose of these techniques is to stretch the body on a muscular level and open up the meridians on an energetic level to encourage the body’s own healing processes and promote relaxation.

This is a very relaxing massage and an excellent way of reducing stress and releasing muscular tension in the body. It improves circulation, increases flexibility and helps to reduce back, neck and shoulder pain.

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